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For a small business, start up or non-profit – doesn’t matter what you define your business as, it’s important to understand the platform choices for your new website. As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 waters, it’s important. There are a few easy steps to help you make the right choice.

1. Map your website purpose. Write down what you want to your website to do. Is it purely to draw prospective customers or clients? Are you going to sell product on your site?

2. How “techie” are you? For a one-person shop, there are some very inexpensive operations. My caution: be cautious of the “freebies” companies try to upsell. GoDaddy offers a free website builder. It’s not great; but to get your name out there – it’s a good option! For just $8/month, you can build your own website with Weebly.

3. What is your budget? While you may have an upfront budget for a few hundred dollars, how much do you want to invest in updating your site? How often will it be updated? Do you want to teach yourself to update, or d you want someone to update it for you?

I’m just getting started, so check back later this week… I’ll add even more to this post!