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How many times have you looked at a website and wondered “is this the site I need”? In today’s constantly changing, attention-grabbing society, shorter and bolder is often times better. Does that look feel work with your brand? Does it promote the values and goals of your organization or business? Does it show site visitors who you are?

Another important question: how much information do you have to share on your website? Do you need a full-blown website or can you work with a sectioned, one-page website that grabs your visitor’s attention. It can still showcase the information about your business. It can spotlight the awesome work of your team, the products you are proud of or the atmosphere you foster.

One-page website is ideal for those businesses who are looking to showcase a professional feel for your current and prospective customers. It can include the same information but in a fluid, easily navigated website. From customer feedback and basic information to contact forms and interactive maps and Q&As, a one-page website might be the perfect fit for you! A one-page website can be easily maintained- and will take less time to update!

A full website featuring multiple pages, sometimes with product catalogs and ecommerce capabilities can be an undertaking. These websites take time to walk through the process to build and the ongoing maintenance can be more extensive, but it all depends on the website framework and how it is designed.

If you are wondering what presence is best for your business, give WildDesign a call! We will meet with you to discuss your online presence and marketing needs. We will also help connect the dots to grow your online presence including email marketing, social (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and others), and discuss the importance of ongoing updates to your platforms!

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