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Since 1996, WildDesign Studios has been walking the creative landscape offering professional design, e-marketing, and social solutions for small businesses and non-profits throughout Wisconsin.

Today, we expand that offering to include business consulting services!

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We provide a unique service offering – as unique as your product or service.
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Website experience

What does your website say about your brand? What do customers say about your site? WildDesign will work with you to elevate your website experience by integrating core branding, a dynamic user-experience focus and a dedication to improving your site’s findability and converting visitors into customers.

Talk with WildDesign today and let us transform your website!

Social & digital experience

Nearly 3.5 billion people engage social media for upwards of 2.5 hours a day. Are they talking to you? Are you talking to them? Let WildDesign and our partner, The Digital Unicorns, help transform your social experience into dollars and cents through engagements.

Our duo will partner with you to create a solution that is geared to create a social strategy right for you and your budget.

Collaboration solutions

In a time of remote-working becoming the norm, it is important to have a platform for your team to interact, collaborate and innovate. At the same time, offer process improvements and savings in time and paperwork! 

WildDesign will work with you to understand your SharePoint instance and work with your teams to develop a strategy to take it to the next level.

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