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Whether you’re communicating internally or with your customer base, WildDesign Studios can help you take steps to better engage with tools you will be able to maintain yourself!

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Creative solutions

We’ll work with you to develop a solution that matches your brand (or help you envision a totally new brand). We don’t sell piecemeal and we recognize that you have one goal: improve.


We don’t believe that the luxury or high-end solutions are best. While good choices for some, we recognize the value-add of low (and no-cost) solutions for your marketing tools.

Low Overhead Design

We always want to understand your personnel and resource constraints. When we implement something, we want you to succeed when you use it – and do so with the greatest level of return. That means looking at tools that anyone can use after designed & configured.

Part of a Team

When you engage WildDesign Studios, we become partners to evolving your business. Prior to any engagement, we always meet to discuss your opportunities and evaluate if the culture, ambitions and goals align with your guiding principles.

You will gain an engaged and open partner that will help you strategically grow.


SharePoint can be a nightmare, but when implemented correctly it can be a powerful tool that helps your internal teams collaborate, communicate and centralize store files.

WildDesign Studios has more than a decade of SharePoint development experience. Couple that with years of process improvement and most notably PowerApps and Power Automate skill and we can help you improve your processes and collaboration.

Team Collaboration

Offer collaboration and improve team performance with centralized file management and cohesive messaging.

Process Improvement

Recycle those old paper forms and cutback on email back and forth with our help leveraging MS Forms and Power Automate.

Doc Management

Let our nearly two-decades of SharePoint and data management experience offer insight into options file storage.

User-Centric Website Design

It does not matter if you’re just starting out and need a web presence from scratch or need help enhancing your current presence, we can help!

We specialize in developing low-code solutions built on technology that our clients can take over once we’ve done the initial build and architecture. Do not worry – we are always just an email, call or text away to assist.

A Bigger Vision

WildDesign Studios may be small, but we offer big value. Often working as a one-person team, Nathan Wielgosh will work with you and your team if the alignment exists. 

Designed around the principle of maintaining a smaller client roster, WildDesign believes that they can make a bigger impact in your business’s success  – and that’s our vision: making your small business thrive!

We don’t have a playbook because every client is unique and we recognize the importance of providing services tailored to our business goals and operations.


Over 15 years of intranet experience can bolster your teams’ experience with SharePoint.


We can design in tools that your team can embrace or offer fully managed solutions. Schedule a consult to discuss options.

Social & Email

Whatever your messaging platform, we can help you enhance it with low-cost and highly creative solutions!

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