Your brand is your identity. WildDesign Studios is excited to offer branding services ranging from re-naming and revisioning to logo design. We work with your key stakeholders to develop a logo that represents your business, personality and customer focus. Explore some of our past projects to discover the creative side of WildDesign Studios.

Don’t confuse your brand with your logo or your business name. It’s more complex than that. It’s how your customers perceive your company, products and services. ┬áBrand strategy encapsulates even more than that. Hubspot published an article in May 2012 about the 7 components of brand strategy.

7 Components of Designing a Brand Strategy

  • Tie Your Brand to Your Business Model
  • Be Consistent
  • Connect Emotionally
  • Reward & Cultivate
  • Measure
  • Be Flexible
  • Watch Out for Competitors… A Little


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